Prehab Rehab carries a small stock of equipment to help clients with their home exercise activities.  We can usually supply the following items from stock.  If your required product is not listed please contact us and we will include it in our next order once we have confirmed the price with you.

Balls  Price (£)                                           

Fitball 55cm                                        10.00

Fitball 65cm  10.00

Overball (lightweight ball)  5.00

Chi/Pilates 0.5kg weighted balls (pair)  13.00
Pump for fitballs 5.00

Other Goods                                            Price (£)

Pilates/Yoga mats, 10mm thick with carry strap  35.00

Theraband – various resistances                           5.00

Pilates/Yoga blocks 25mm and 50mm  6.00

Pilates home practice CD by Prehab-Rehab           7.00