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The Prehab Rehab aim is to help people exercise safely and effectively, whether they are nervous about becoming more active, have a long term condition such as arthritis or are undergoing treatment for conditions such as cancer.

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There are many injuries and illnesses which can affect both our physical ability to be active and our beliefs of 

  • Whether we are able to become more active
  • Whether we should become more active
  • What we should do and 
  • How much of it we should do

If you have concerns about whether you should exercise, what you should do, and how much you should do please contact Prehab-Rehab for more information. 

What we offer:

We offer one to one exercise classes and group classes.  All instructor qualifications can be verified with Skills Active through or other relevant professional bodies, so you can be assured that you will be assessed appropriately and recommended the most beneficial and safe exercise regime for you

Some of the Conditions that Prehab Rehab can help with:

Our logo, the Vinca or Periwinkle family of plants has a long history in herbalism - read more  -exercise has at least as many benefits for most of us.


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