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01280 702964 | 07906 323203


Cloisters Farm, Evenley, Northamptonshire, NN13 5SD, UK

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Frances initially qualified as a Massage Therapist, then Sports Therapist in 1992, and has continued to expand her qualifications in fitness for health and rehabilitation ever since.  

Frances Reader of Prehab Rehab in Evenley in South Northamptonshire

A qualified teacher, she has also gained the top levels of qualification in the fitness industry for:

Cancer Rehabilitation
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Obesity and Diabetes
Mental Health
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
and Posture and Stability Training.

All of which are beyond the Personal Trainer qualification which she has held and expanded on for many years. 

Multiple Pilates and Nutrition qualifications are also part of her professional portfolio as well as Women’s Health around pregnancy and menopause.

If you have concerns about whether you should exercise, what you should do, and how much you should do please contact Frances at Prehab-Rehab for more information:

Call me: 01280 702964 | 07906 323203


Her work experience includes working in both public and private fitness facilities, running Exercise Referral schemes and Gym Management.  She has worked in the NHS in a variety of rehabilitation and education roles, and maintains a contract with Oxford Health to provide Back Care classes for staff.  Private clients and groups continue to form a large proportion of her work.

The breadth of her work is vast, with clients varying from the bed-ridden to Commonwealth medallists, patients with repeating hip fractures to business travellers who need exercise and nutrition plans for travelling.

Frances says:

“Whilst I have taken many different specialist courses, the thing I enjoy most about my work is that, by bringing them together I am able to help people with a variety of conditions and circumstances.  A client may be referred to receive core strengthening for back pain, but I can also advise on weight management, posture, sport-related factors and working practice, all of which can make significant contributions to their back problem.

“NHS treatment is fantastic in so many ways, but sometimes the very specialisation of treatment means that the holistic requirements of the patient are overlooked. Some find that, whilst they have had their symptoms resolved (for example by having a replacement knee) the contributory factors to the problem are still there – and waiting to have the same effect on the other knee, eg inactivity, bad posture, poor nutrition, excess weight.  

“Equally many people have minor issues which seem too trivial to take to their doctor, but could be improved with what are often quite simple changes in the way they do something.  Often, improving a client’s awareness of how they use their body and teaching a revised approach is sufficient to make significant changes to pain levels or functional ability.”

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.”
William Shakespeare

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