Pilates,rather like Yoga, covers a wide range of movements and styles.  Some is quite Mind/Body in approach but my background in Sports Therapy is at the Physiotherapy or Clinical end of this range.

Simplistically, the body has “movement” muscles which bend or straighten joints, and “postural” or “stabilising” muscles which are our “guy ropes” – commonly referred to as our Core Muscles.  For many people lifestyle, injury or pregnancy can reduce the effectiveness of these core muscles and their body compensates by using the movement muscles.  Eventually problems  can arise.

Pilates aims to reawaken and strengthen lazy, damaged or weak Core muscles, restoring balanced function to the body.

Relevant Qualifications:

Modern Pilates: Stage 1 Modern Pilates Matwork Instructor 2004

Modern Pilates: Certificate in Ante and Post-Natal  Pilates 2004

Modern Pilates: Certificate in Pilates on the Ball 2004

Modern Pilates: Stage 2 Core Stability and Postural Alignment 2006

CYMCA: Certificate in Teaching Mat Pilates 2008

Modern Pilates: Certificate In Pilates and Back Care 2008