Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking (NW) is a great way of making more of going for a walk.  Using NW poles (which have a special design and three-way strap) the whole of your body becomes part of the activity, burning 120% or more of the calories burned in normal walking – AND YET IT FEELS EASIER!  Developed as a summer training option for cross-country skiers when snow is in short supply, the simple technique can be mastered in three or four sessions and then it can be applied to everything from a walk in the park to Boot Camp-style Workouts.

Nordic Walking benefits include:            


1.       Increases calorie burn

2.       Makes walking easier

3.       Tones the upper body; arms, shoulders, back, abdominals, as well as the legs and buttocks

4.       Reduces strain and load especially in the knees making it accessible for people with arthritis in their knees who find walking difficult

5.       Improves heart and lung efficiency

6.       As an outdoor activity it helps improve mental health, especially when done in a green environment.

Currently I provide NW as part of personal training and individual programmes but NW groups are becoming increasingly popular, bringing a social element into staying active.

Relevant Qualifications:  Nordic Walking UK: Nordic Walking Instructor, 2012