Generation Games

Generation Games is the Active Ageing section of Oxfordshire Age UK.  They provide classes and information throughout Oxfordshire  Exercises are selected for their relevance to day to day living and particular conditions which participants may be living with.  The format and range of exercises can be varied to reflect participants’ needs and the simplicity of the exercises allows many of them to be used at home to maintain and improve independence.  Current classes provided by Prehab Rehab are Strength & Balance (general conditioning), Big, Bold & Balance (for Parkinson's) and Breathe Better (for lung conditions)                                                                    

Relevant Qualifications for teaching Generation Games:

Body In Action: Fitness Instruction & Personal Trainer 2000
Modern Pilates: Stage 2 Core Stability and Postural Alignment 2006
Balanced Approach: The Use of Tai Chi & Chi Kung for Falls Prevention and Rehabilitation, 2014
BACPR Exercise Instructor, British Association For Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, 2002, last revalidated 2018
Wright Foundation: Obesity Management 2007
Wright Foundation: Mental Health 2007
Wright Foundation: Specialist Pulmonary Rehabilitation in the Community 2008
Go Train: Menofitness 2013 
Move It or Lose It, 2017
PD Warrior 2018