Weight Management

In theory “Eat less, Do more” is simple, however the reality is usually very different.  Having support to set goals, and techniques to manage when life upsets plans are often more important than identifying fats, sugars and proteins or counting calories.

Planning healthy eating and activity which will work for YOUR life is much easier and more successful with support, and being able to try different activities, without criticism, to find which will work for you is part of the ethos of Prehab.Rehab. Whilst identifying calorie sources and reducing them we also explore triggers to success and failure, and develop plans to prevent failures.  

Successful weight loss (or gain) is generally achieved by making numerous small changes to lifestyle - one trial showed an average office worker could increase calorie expenditure by around 300 calories every day by making changes to coffee purchases, stair use, distance walked from bus/car to office and by visiting the office next door instead of emailing.  This equals around 2 stones in a year!

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