Back Pain

It is estimated that nearly 70% of the population will have non-specific back pain at some time in their lives.
Causes are many and varied, but frequently it happens because of weak abdominal muscles allowing bad posture to develop, 
or an imbalance in the supporting muscles of the trunk.

For many people the introduction of some simple exercises is sufficient to resolve the problem and Pilates has become recognised as having many benefits in this respect, however walking and Tai Chi also have significant benefits in strengthening and rebalancing the different support muscles.  Analysis of habitual positions or practices can also provide insight to retrain bad habits at work, whilst driving, carrying children etc.  Another frequently overlooked cause of back pain is excess weight – heavy breasts can cause upper back pain and weight at the waist can place excessive load on the core muscles and lower spine.

Relevant Qualifications:

Body In Action: Fitness Instruction & Personal Trainer 2000
Modern Pilates Stage 2 Core Stability and Postural Alignment 2006
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Obesity Management: Wright Foundation 2007
Nordic Walking UK: Nordic Walking Instructor, 2012